Woman Rescued A Stray Dog, 17 Years Later She Had To Say A Touching Goodbye

People who save and adopt a stray creature are the most admired people. They actually have the kindest and biggest hearts.

A woman called Jesusita is one of these people, who do selfless act with these stray animals. Before 17 years, she saw a stray pooch at her doorstep. Jesusita did not hesitate to take care of the poor dog, who then named Solovino “he came alone” in Spanish.

He was faithful to Jesusita. He never left her side. He was her nice and faithful friend. By years, he started to be sick. Solovino was having a hard time, and had advanced arthritis.

His owner did not want him to suffer anymore. So, she decided to humanly put him down.

Home Dog LA’s founder, Kerry Armstrong, said that they were called by a woman, who wanted to put her 17-year-old dog in a human way.

A member of Home Dog LA called Sandra Shadic went to Jesusita’s house to help taking the pooch. But they gave him a special treat before taking him to the clinic.

They enjoyed a last meal together. They then took the dog and put him down after Jesusita said her final goodbyes to him. Rest in Peace Solovino.

Watch the video below.

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