She Was Protecting His Injured Body, When The Abusers Tried To Beat Him Again

This story speaks about a poor dog, who got beaten badly for nothing! A woman heard him crying and ran to help him bringing a blanket to cover him. She then contacted a local animal rescue for help. While waiting for the group to arrive, the abusers came back again to beat the dog, which put her in risk.

She got struck by the men for getting involved to guard the dog, but she did not care. But thankfully, the rescue group arrived immediately and took him to the shelter. The dog, who was named Souki, tried to bite the rescuers as he did not understand what was happening.

The rescuers gave Souki antibiotics and pain medication to let him sleep well till being examined by the vet the next day. It was really hard to examine him, but the vet was able to do it. They then tried to feed him, but he traumatized and scared.

By days, Souki started to realize that he was surrounded with good people, who wanted to help him. He started to accept getting petted. He was also fostered by a great woman who lives him.

His treatment started and he was completely healed after just 2 months. Thankfully, he can now have a great time in his foster home. What a happy ending!

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