Woman Fears From Dogs, Adopts A Dog Who Fears From People

A new great story of love on TikTok that was shared by Teresa Hwang, 51-year-old elementary school Special Education teacher, on her user @ketophoria got more than 450,000 likes and more than 1.5 views in the first days.

The teacher from Oakville, Canada says that a dog has bitten her twice, which made her fear dogs her whole life. But when she met a shelter dog called Boo, who was also afraid of people, everything changed.

They both were able to leave the fear away and started to create a friendship with an unconditional love.

She also says that Boo is just like her son and she still can’t believe that she has a dog as she spent her whole life fearing of dogs! Thankfully, it was all past, and she now loves dogs.

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