Woman And Her Husband Adopt Unwanted 'Zombie' Dog Was So Near To Death

A looked like zombie dog called Samara was rescued just before her death from the streets of a Moldavian town by Una Geiger and her husband. It was obvious that the dog had been badly neglected and abused, and riddled with mange. She’d likely die if she was not rescued.

The German couple decided to take in the dog as they already have a good experience in rescuing and fostering dogs. By days, Samara made a great transformed to a new different dog!

Una shared Samara’s story saying that her 3 dogs did a great job in helping Samar to transform by greeting her from the first day. She also added that it took a lot of cares and love for over 2 years!

At the end, she said that Samara will never be a normal dog due to what she had been through, but her big smile on her face never disappears. What a transformation

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