Owners Threw Their Unwanted Pit Bull In Garbage Truck To Be Crushed To Death

2 waste management employees, Ahriel Jones Sr., and Danny Cormier, found Daisy, a six-month-old dog, outside a Speedway store in a dumpster in Bradenton, Florida. The employees found the Pit Bull mix when they were emptying a dumpster into the truck.

It was obvious that Daisy was dizzy because of dehydration. The most heartbreaking thing was that she was dumped with some furniture and her crate, so she was brought to safety by the workers who tried their best to stabilize her before taking her to the deputy of Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

The video above shows the employees expressing the fear that they felt when they saw the poor dog. The authorities are now investigating to know the criminal behind Daisy’s abandonment. Any one who has any information can call 941-747-3011.

Thankfully, Daisy is now ready for adoption after being significantly recovered from her bad situation because of the abandonment. She is now at Manatee County Animal Services, so if you are interested in adopting her you can visit them.

Watch the video below.

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