Neighbor Shoot Unwanted Tied Pit Bull, As He Was Barking For Help

This story speaks about Ace, an innocent dog, who was shot 7 times in a different part of his body, he was left with broken bones and a shattered nose but he miraculously survived.

Detectives in Hillsborough County, Florida, who are working on the case, ask the public for help. Unfortunately, Dr. Jill Kirk said that the dog was couldn't run from being shot at as he was tired.

Ace's friendliness, determination, and resilience amazed the veterinary staff despite his sorted past. He loves everyone he meets and rolls over to get tummy rubs. The vets may be forced to amputate his leg but they are keeping a close eye on him. He was saved just from the verge of death.

Then, it was discovered that the dog was shot by a man who got angry from his barking. The felon is still free but the investigators hope that someone will come forward with helpful information.

Watch the video below.

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