Trash Truck Driver Saves Tiny Dog's Life He Found While Trash Collection

A garbage truck driver saved a poor dog from a horrific fate after finding her in trash collection. No one knows how the dog was there but what is known is that the garbage driver was able to save her while he was unloading the garbage truck in July 19, according to a Facebook post of Capital Area Human Society.

The Human Society said that they can't believe that the dog survived being transfer into a garbage truck from a dumpster. They also added that the driver of Granger Waste Services found the dog during a commercial dumpster route.

Unfortunately, the dog suffered from life-threatening injuries but she is now stable and will be healed soon as she is in Ingham County Animal Control's protective custody until they finish the investigation. She will be available for adoption when the investigation ends. If you have any information, you can email, or contact animal control at 517-676-8370, extension 1.

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