Rescuers Save Newborn Injured Spider Monkey From Illegal Poachers

A poor small newborn spider monkey had a small hope to survive after being snatched and hurt by poachers. But she gets another chance thanks to the quick actions of vets and authorities.

The Belize Forest Department was able locate and confiscate the monkey within just 3 hours since they received a phone call about her

The lady monkey was suffering from dehydration and shock just like many animals that died in poached wildlife. So, hoping to save her life, they directly took her to Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic.

They also discovered that the arm of the monkey, who was named Lizzie, was also broken. So, they did an X-ray to her, and they knew that there are also many broken bones due to shots from a pellet gun.

She is still receiving treatments in hopes she will be completely healed.

Watch the video below.

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