Terrified Dog Shakes In Fear On Death Row At Shelter, Now Is Heading To Safe Place

A dog called Mocha ended up on death row when she was surrendered to Rowan County Animal Shelter in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Due to lack of space at shelter, the dog would be put down by the 1st of November if she was not adopted before! The 1-and-a-half-year-old Pit Bull mix was covered in fleas and severely under underweight when she was surrendered to the shelter.

At first, the cute dog was so afraid as she was not able to make eye contacts with people, but by time she comes out of her shell after being placed in a foster home. The dog, who had thoughts about being in a dangerous place, was able to left Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Control, but they were able to find her after few hours and take her back to her foster home.

Albina Albiie Chanel posted a letter from Mocha while she was still sitting on death row with a photo of her showing how fearful and depressed she is asking people to adopt her with hopes that a kind person would adopt her. We hope that she will be adopted soon!

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