This Act Of Tantrum By An Angry Husky, Who Got A Scolding From Mother, Deserves Oscar!

Siberian Huskies, that are known for their thick black and grey contrasting fur, and their bright piercing blue eyes, are among the most beautiful god breeds in the world. Actually, their look makes you directly love them. In addition to their dramatic appearance, their vocals are also the same.

Actually, they can melt down just like toddlers and their voice is very loud. To be honest, their meltdowns are really funny and the video below proves that perfectly. The video below shows Blu, a Siberian Husky, doing a great tantrum that can win the Oscar. He starts moaning and crying after being reproved for ripping apart his bed while his parents were off on a date.

Blu, who is reproved by his mom starts arguing with her and being sassy just like kids. He is quiet and silent for a long time as he is thinking to say something that may help him to be out of the trouble by his sound tune. He is reproved for doing big miss and he is asked about that but he is mad as he was left alone and he never apologized but just rolling on the floor.

Watch the video below.

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