ِStray Pit Bull With Broken Leg Found Hiding Under Bushes On Side Road

A pit bull called Karma; whose leg was badly broken, was left in an unbearable pain on the side of a street! She was not able to move because of her pain. Unfortunately, she got passed by by many people, who thought that she was scary just because she is a pit bull!

Thankfully, Hope For Paws was called to the scene after a few days. They were able to rescue her in the exact time as she began starving! However, the rescuer, who went to rescue Karma, was warned as she is a pit bull! Therefore, the rescuer did not care and approached Karma. It was obvious that the injured pit bull was shy as she turned her face away!

When the rescuer saw that, he petted her and gave her some food. He then coaxed her to come with him, so, with no doubt, the shy dog was hesitated! When the rescuer saw that, he put a leash around her neck, and she did not refuse that. So, she finally trusted the rescuer and went with him. What a great rescue!

Watch the video below.

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