Stray Dog In Shock Scream Every Night Before He Sleeps

A homeless poor pooch that was shocked by past abuse would bawl himself every night to sleep until rescuer workers came to help him. When animal rescuers found Nuri, the dog, on the roads of South Korea.

The video below shows a young rescuer describes her feelings when she first saw the dog crying. However, he was crying during his sleep. At first, she didn’t know if the dog was having a nightmare or was ill, but it gets up, there was spasms in his hind leg and also a deep hurt on his side.

It appears that when some rescuers tried to grab Nuri, they had been cruelty knifed him in the belly. There were traumatic memories of the attack that tormented Nuri; however, rescuers do their best to heal his heart and his mind and in order to recover, they take him away from life on the street.

They’re hopeful that with a “reliable owner” and the appropriate care he will get much better. Stray animals often suffer from vehemence which can lead to mental distress. Fortunately, Nuri is safe and has a chance to live a new life. Watch the video below.

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