Stray Dog Gets The First Groom In Her Life Since Years, Looks Now Totally Different

This story talks about a 2-year-old dog named Ellen who was found in a very dirty situation living on the streets of Chicago in 2014. That dog was taken to the Trio Animal Foundation after she was rescued and she stank of urine.

It was difficult for doctors to determine if she was male or female because she pulled her back legs across the floor and her fur was so tufty.

Ellen was worked on by Kelli, a salted groomer who even agreed to come in early to get the excess of her hard and matted fur which was two of 8.5 pounds of Ellen’s weight. That process lasted for three hours and after the first ten minutes, she was named, Ellen. 

After Getting all that fur shaved off it was such a relief, then she got a nice bath after her haircut. In addition, she got a warm bed, toys, and her first leash. People sent a lot of requests to the foundation to adopt her.

She found a family came complete with a new dog brother named Linus! Watch the video below you have more information.

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