Stray Dog Enjoys The Waves On The Beach, Jumps To Catch Them

Pets and especially dogs should not be left on streets as they are friendly creatures, but unfortunately, there will always be stray dogs as there is no enough room in buildings for all the dogs in the world.

Anyway, stray dogs always tries to find a way to make themselves happy. Despite spending a lot of time trying to find food and a place to sleep, they never forget to find a way to have fun and the dog in this story is a perfect example.

A woman called Macarena Muñoz shared a video of a dog on her TikTok account. You may think it is a normal video, but the truth is that the video directly went viral as it shows a dog playing with the waves on the beach of Cartagena, Chile.

You can see in the video below that got thousands of views, likes, and comments, the dog patiently waiting for the waves to hit the sidewalk to fly over him, he then jumped to touch it! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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