Stray Dog Collapses When Realizes That Humans Finally Come To Help Her

Tania Cappelluti, who runs Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue, her own dog rescue, and is also a yoga instructor, came across a stray dog that was in real need of help in Costa Rica, while looking to find another one.

She wrote on Facebook that they spent a lot of time in the boiling hot looking for the dog, but no avail! She also added that they suddenly saw the other dog sitting on the side of the street.

The black dog directly collapsed to the ground and cried when she was approached with water.

The dog, who was extremely dehydrated and covered with ticks and fleas, was relieved to be saved. She directly made her calls with other animal rescuers to help Gaia, the dog, to find a foster home, and that’s what happened. She was adopted shortly after. What a happy ending!

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