Stolen Then Abandoned Dog Gets A Heartwarming Homecoming With His Owners

Before around one month, a message came to Stephanie Moore-Malmstrom, who lives in Baytown, Texas, about her dog, who was stolen in 2018!

The owner tried looking for the dog many times, but to no avail! She then gave up on him! But out of nowhere, she got a message that Sheba, her dog, was found around 620 away from Texas!

At first, she thought that she was being screwed with! But when she was called on FaceTime by the cop, who found Sheba, she started crying unstoppably.

Thankfully, "Pilots N Paws", the animal rescue operation, helped the woman by transporting Sheba home using a plane!

Moore-Malmstrom was over the moon as soon as she saw her dog! She was not able to calm down along with her daughters, who barely knew the dog! What an emotional reunion! Watch the video below.

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