Starving Dog Unrecognizable When Returned To Shelter

This story speaks about Roland, a cute dog, who got adopted in 2019 after a photo of him was shared online. The was 2 years old and weighed 40lbs when he was adopted from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. The happiness was the subject between the volunteers of the

But everything changed as Roland’s new family faced rough patches ahead of them, which forced them to become homeless. So, they were forced to leave Roland in the streets begging for help.

Firstly, the family didn’t want to surrender Roland to a shelter hoping they could take good care of him. But they had no other reason. Unfortunately, it was too late when they surrendered him as he was malnourished and under-weight!

Jamie Smith, the founder of Jamie’s Animal Rescue, said that they were completely heartbroken to see Roland in that shape! So, they took him under their custody, and they were able to rehome him again.

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