Man Spot A Starving Dog At Brink Of Death, Covered Him And His Head Popped Up

There are many things that stray animals struggle to do every day like finding a safe haven to sleep, water, and food. Unfortunately, there’re more than 30,000,000 homeless dogs in India fighting to stay alive! The dog in this story is one of them.

Fortunately for these homeless dogs, there are many animal organizations that do their best to help these animals like Animal Aid Unlimited. So, when they were contacted about a poor homeless dog, who did not manage to move in the middle of the road, they directly went to help.

The rescuers were completely shocked when they saw the dog, who was skin and bones! The cute dog was able to wag his tail despite being very sick and weak as if he knew they were there for help.

So, they immediately wrapped the dog in a blanket and picked him carefully heading back to the sanctuary to give him the medical attention he needed. The veterinarian found that the dog, who was named Sparkle, was suffering from loss of appetite and diarrhea because of distemper.

The good dog did not show any signs of aggressiveness and let the rescuers help him by treating the virus. He was given IV fluids and antibiotics to prevent secondary infection. Thankfully, the dog, who loves to be petted and held, started to eat by himself after just 5 days!

His treatment process took more than one month, but then Sparkle became completely healthy. Thanks to the rescuers who gave this sweet dog the second chance he deserves. Watch the video below.

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