Dog Gets Hit By A Car, So Her Family Doesn’t Want Anymore Saying She Is ‘Gross’

This story speaks about a poor dog pet dog who got hit by a vehicle and was even rejected by her family after the incident.

She was taken in by Sidewalk Specials, South Africa, to take care of her. At first, she was too gross which make the kids to be afraid of her. I still can't understand how any pet family can abandoned their pet when it is in big need for him.

Squirrel, the dog, did not stop crying since she was abandoned. It was obvious that what she needed was going to a forever home. Thankfully, she was finally adopted as the shelter received more than 100 adoption offers. She is now having a new life with a new name, Squash, and can play with her best friend, Seb.

Watch the video below.

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