Sick Puppy Suffers From Mange, Clings To His Sick Mom

A call came to Animal Aid Unlimited about a poor dog who had severe mange causing her to lost all of her fur.

The dog was left with her potential sunburn, parasites, and secondary skin infections. Fortunately, the volunteers of the rescue group arrived to the scene and gave her some treats. However, the dog was so happy of the treat as she started eating them but she did not know that she was going to have a better life.

The rescuers knew that the dog was a new mama and she just needed to take care of her pups. So, they started looking for her pups. Luckily, they were able to find the 2 pups, one of them was fine but the other one was in bad shape.

Coco, the poor pup, was suffering from mange, she was also so confused and weak and her eyes did not look good. The mama dog was so scared but she then started getting around after the medical team soothed her.

She was also being given medicated paths every day with topical antibiotic ointment along with her pup. Thankfully, Coco and her mamma were completely healed after just two weeks. They are now playing together and having a great life at the shelter. How adorable they are!

Watch the video below.

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