Sick Boxer Found In A Trash Bag At Shelter Doorstep Put Rescuers Eyes In Tears

Rescuers of Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption in Mission, Kansas, found an emaciated Boxer dog outside of the shelter in a trash bag! However, the rescuers were unsure that the dog was still alive! But what they were sure about was that the dog was with a companion, a male boxer dog tied to a pole next to her!

The staff of the shelter just watched the 2 dogs emotionally as they were in a very bad shape!

The female Boxer, who was named Hope, was hardly able to move, and the male Boxer, Triumph, was barely able to stand!

The shelter wrote that Triumph was not able to move his back legs, and Hope was put on pain meds and antibiotics. So, the both dogs were directly taken to vet clinic for care and testing.

Unfortunately, they found that Hope had masses, that are likely cancer, on her brain and adrenal glands, a bad infection in her elbow, and pyometra. However, the test results will explain how far the cancer has spread.

Thankfully, Danielle Reno, the founder and CEO of the shelter shared good news about Hope and Triumph. They said that Hope was eventually ready to walk by herself after gaining 7 pounds. She is in better spirits despite being remained on antibiotics for her pyometra and infected elbow.

Furthermore, Triumph is also making progress as he started walking. They added that Triumph is being trained to improve the muscles in his legs and back with water therapy.

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