Two Sibling Dog Couldn’t Stop Hugging When They Recognized Each Other

Reuniting with a member of your family is one of the best things ever. These 2 dogs have recently experienced this moment on the street!

The 2 dogs were on a walk when they saw each other. The surprise was that they had not seen each other since they were pups, but they directly recognized each other.

The 2 cockapoos, Rosie and Monty, were born the last June to a 6-pup litter, but Rosie and Monty were always together, according to Susan Killip, Rosie’s mama.

Friends of Killip, adopted Monty and fostered Rosie for a week till she was adopted by Killip. And their first meeting then was before a month.

They remembered each other without seeing each other for about a year! They also hugged each other and jumped in joy!

Libby Pincher shared the story on Twitter after having a conversation with Rosie’s dad, that went viral. Actually, this story teaches us to continue loving each other despite whatever happens. What do you think?!

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