Man Sentenced To 45 Years In Jail After Shooting & Killing K9 Dog

Jethro, a police service dog, got killed while reporting to a burglary by Kelonte Barefield, in Jan 2016.

Officer Ryan Davis and Jethro went to investigate the break-in at a grocery store in Canton, Ohio, when he got shot and died. Many officers gave the dog an owner stand by attending his funeral.

Unfortunately, Davis was completely devastated as Jethro had been his partner since he was 8 weeks. Kelonte Barefield was pleaded guilty after 7 months of the 3-old-year dog’s death.

He was also sentenced to 45 years injuries. He pleaded guilty to many charges and given six years for each of them which made him his time in jail to be 45 years.

More than 2000 letters have been received by the officer who runs the Canton K-9 unit, Eric Stanbro, after Jethro’s death. They are now working to increase the sentence for anyone kills K-9 officers.

Watch the video below.

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