Shelter Dog Showers New Owner With Kisses After Being Saved From Euthanasia

A man, who lives in Arizona, depends on his dog for companion ship and company as he spends a lot of time at home because he suffers muscular dystrophy.

The man was left lonely and devastated after one of his dogs died before 10 years and the other, who is senior, grew depressed. So, he decided to bring a younger dog to the family that would keep his dog and his company.

So, he adopted a poor dog, called Peanut, who'd spent about 2 weeks in a high-kill shelter and was about being euthanized. Like any other creature when arriving at new places, Peanut was very afraid and timid of everything.

But everything changed in just 2 weeks as she was settling into her new home in a very nice way and also being more comfortable. Thanks to the man who rescued Peanut from being euthanized and gave her another chance in life. Watch the video below.

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