Serjeant Reunited With The Puppy She Saved From Dog-Catchers While Overseas

Charity Webb, a 29-year-old Army Sergeant saw a homeless pup walking about the camp while she was working as a cook in Europe. She knew that the stray dog was pregnant after giving birth to a litter of pups. One of the pups caught the attention of Webb who decided to help her.

Both the pup and the Sergeant have feeling to each other as the only one who could hold the dog without becoming agitated or starting weeping is Webb. So, Webb decided to win the pup's confidence by spending weeks feeding her. She was also able to let her know that no one of the soldiers wanted to harm her.

On the other hand, there were some dog catchers who wanted to harm her. But Webb decided that she had to keep the dog, who was named Pup Pup. Sadly, when Webb's deployment came to an end she had to leave the puppy in Europe, but she was very concerned that she would be killed if she was left all alone.

So, when she returned to American, she knew about Paws of War, a non-profit rescue group, that helps troops to reunite with the animals they cared for when they are deployed. The recue group accepted to help but they had to wait to be able to raise the money form donations as it's entirely funded by donations.

Thankfully, they were able to raise about $7,000 which was enough to transport the puppy to the United States. Finally, Pup Pup and Webb were reunited in a very heartwarming way. You can see that the puppy started wagging her tail and rolling over when she saw her new forever mama after stepping out of the van. Watch the video below.

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