After Being Apart For 764 Days, Owner Has Doubts If His Missing Dog Will Recognize Him

When a Beagle-mix called Bosco went missing from his home in Westerley, Rhode Island he was 9 years old after managing to be out of his collar. He failed to go back to his home after wandering the neighborhood.

Bill Ballato, Bosco’s dad, spent many months looking for his lovely dog through personal enquires and missing posters, but no avail! So, Bosco’s dad feared he’d never be able to see Bosco when he had to move to Lafayette, Colorado.

One day, Bosco was found by some residents in Rhode Island, who recognized him by the missing posters.

So, a staff at the Department of Homeland Security called Sheilah Graham was informed by the locals. So, she called Ballato, who suffers from a back disability, to give them more information about Bosco.

So, Sheilah took Bosco in a drive over 35 hours (2000 miles) as Ballato is not able to come to take Bosco, who also can’t be flown as he is senior! Thankfully, Bosco and Bill finally reunited after 764 days of being separated! What an emotional reunion!

Watch the video below.

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