Senior Husky Rescued From Being Drown In Swimming Pool By Amazon Delivery Driver

An Amazon delivery driver calld John Cassabria save a senior Husky from being drown in a backyard pool after spotting it while on his road in Woburn, Boston.

Cassabria was prompted when he saw that the dog was trying desperately to stay afloat. So, without thinking twice, he jumped over the fence and into the water without even taking off his clothes, that his wallet and phone were inside the pockets.

Actually, Cassabria did not mind about the phone and the wallet and he just wanted to save Luka, the fourteen-year-old dog. Thankfully, he was able to pull the dog out and stayed with it for about an hour waiting for the scheduled sitter to arrive.

Animal Control called Luka's family, who was only a few hours into their vacation to tell them about what happened. Luka's owner, Julie Caldwell, said that she was grateful for the heroic action of Cassabria. She also added that she doesn't allow Luka to swim in the pool as he has issues with his hind legs.

Cassabria said that he just happened in the right moment at the right time and he'd do the same if he had to.

Watch the video below.

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