Senior Dog Kicked Out From Home When Become Too Old Found Collapsed

Roly, a senior dog, had collapsed on the sidewalk when he was found as he was so tired. It was obvious that he was found just in time as the person, who found him, said that he was exhausted. So, the person called a local rescue for help, and gave the dog some water to drink.

The rescuer was completely shocked when she saw Roly as he had no fleas or ticks on him! His weight was also good! Everything indicates that he had a family, but something happened separated him from them. Then, the rescuer took the dog to the shelter to be examined.

He was in good health, despite having some issues with his hips. So, the rescuers took a photo of Roly and shared it online with his information in hopes that his family would come forward if he has.

Anyway, no one came forward for the dog. However, it was obvious that he was abandoned by a family, who had loved him, according to the police. It is also known that dogs usually get rejected when they are seniors! The most important thing was that he was given a promise by the shelter workers that he’d never be abandoned or rejected.

Watch the video below.

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