Senior Dog Brought To Vet To Be Euthanized, Family Says They No More Want To Care For

Melissa, a 34-year-old woman who lives on 11 acres of land’s home in Conyers, GA, started Old Dog Home, a rescue group, as it was her dream to save dogs. She takes dogs who are in need of some TLC.

She wrote a post on Facebook that she takes the dogs that are too sick or too old into her home, and the dogs that can be rehabilitated and healed, she does what she can to find forever homes for them.

A veterinary partner of her rescue group called her recently and told her about an elderly dog that was brought by her owner, who wanted her to be euthanized as he did not want to care for her anymore. Actually, the dog’s health was good and she was really nice, so, they refused to euthanize her.

But Melissa could not take the dog into her care as her group is full. Holly, the dog who is about 11 years old, was shuffled from home to home after the death of her original owner.

Anyway, her last owners, who already have 2 dogs, said that they did not want Holly as she peed on the floor! Despite that, the dog was in good shape, and the reason why she peed a lot was that she had a yeast infection, according to the vet.

Melissa was able to make Holly feel relaxed, and she took her into her care. She will take care of her and medicate her until she is completely healed. She will then find her a forever home. Thanks Melissa.

Watch the video below.

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