Rescuers find scared, injured pup trying to hide in a bag, Shows An Amazing Transformation

This story speaks about a poor scared dog, who was so injured and just wanted to hide.

A call came to Animal Aid Unlimited, India, about a poor dog who was in desperate need for help. When the rescuers arrived at the scene, they found the puppy hiding in a plastic bag! The worst thing was that the pup screamed in pain when he was touched.

They lured the pup with biscuits as he was very hungry, but whenever they tried to touch him, he cried out in pain! He shouted in pain as he had a deep wound on his hip, and severe mange!

It was obvious that the cute puppy never relaxed a moment since he was born! Thankfully, the pup, who was named Jumper, made a great transformation after six weeks of medicine and care.

Watch the video below.

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