Runaway Dog Got Rescued From Drowning After Falling In A Pond

An event almost happened in the neighborhood's lake of the Grupo México in Parral, Mexico, but a dog fell into the water while walking with his owner, a little girl! The dog was able to swim to the middle of the lake, where he was trapped, reported El Sol de Parral.

It was impossible for the girl and her family to rescue the dog as he was far away from the shore. So, they contacted the emergency services for help. Fortunately, they were able to arrive at the scene directly, and they noticed that the dog did his best to stay afloat.

But the dog was so tired as he did that for so long, so, the rescuers acted very quickly to save the dog. They directly entered the water and used a rope to tie the dog with and drag him to the dry land.

After being safe, the little girl ran towards her pup and gave him and emotional hug with her eyes full of tears! It was very touchy moment!

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