Rescued Tiger Gets Happy Moments When Getting Into A pool For The First Time

Our hearts always get broken after hearing about wild animals like tigers that live stuck in small cages instead of living in their normal habitats. So, when one tiger was rescued from being captivated, he directly became very happy.

@_catchuptv, a TikTok user, shared a video showing a tiger, that was rescued from captivity, having stepped in a pool for the very 1st time ever! It was a very great moment for the tiger as he was very entertained to play with water, that is surely considered a place to cool off and relax!

The video directly went viral and has been liked more than 234k times, and viewed more than 1.5 million times! Many people commented on the video expressing their gratitude to the people who rescued the wild animal.

Some other wrote that there are many other animals, like this tiger, that need to be rescued! How awesome! Watch the video below.

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