Abandoned Puppy In A Suitcase In The Middle Of Nowhere, Never Stop Fighting

The Lega Del Cane Trani rescue groups encountered a man used to be using between Barketta and Trani in Italy before a few months.

They found a damaged suitcase on a side of the street in a way let them think that they were facing a horrible situation! They found a poor pup abandoned in the suitcase! So, they tried to help the poor pup, who did not trust humans as he had many problems in his belly.

However, they were able to take the dog to be examined and they found that his fatty enteric equipment of overseas hides and stone. They also knew that he had necrosis in some tissues, liver failure, hyperparathyroidism, and anemia.

The dog’s head started to improve after weeks of weakness! He was finally able to stand up by his own. The dog, who was named Kei, is now receiving the care and medication he needs and will be available for adoption once he is completely healed.

Watch the video below.

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