Barely Alive Puppy Rescued From Breeder’s Farm Gets The Miracle To Survive

A dog called Libre was found clinging to life in July 2016 in a farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, Janine Guido, was completely shocked when she found that the dog, who was badly emaciated, suffering from a host of serious infections and sever mange.

She directly took the Boston terrier puppy to Dr. Ivan Pryor at Dillsburg Veterinary Center to be examined. The doctor pulled Maggots from his skin folds, he was also given treatment for blood infections and dehydration.

His health was going down for weeks, he was about to die, but Dr. Pryor managed to pull him back every time. A month later, Guido was over the moon after finally taking Libre home. He started getting better every day, but in a very slow way.

Libre’s story inspired one state senator of Pennsylvania to make a push in order to change the current animal cruelty laws in Pennsylvania, where animal cruelty in a very severe way isn’t a felony. The owner of the farm, where Libre was rescued, was charged with animal cruelty a month later.

The great thing was that Libre was officially adopted by Guido. He is now having a great life in her home with her other 7 dogs. What a happy ending!

Watch the video below.

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