Puppy Loses Her Fur, Weeks After Escaping Irresponsible Owners Looks Unrecognizable

When Jessie DeFreita, a 21-year-old vet assistant from West Sussex, England, saw a poor small puppy who came to her office, she had to help her, despite having a rescue dog and 4 cats.

The poor pup, who is called Honey, had mange leaving her with almost no fur. She dropped outside the office by her previous owners, who had surely abused her. DeFreita directly decided to help her as she would not leave any dog that needs behind.

She took her to a veterinarian, who said that she needed 24/7 care, so, she decided to foster her. She even changed her name to Terra.

Thankfully, she was unrecognizable after just 3 months as all of her fur has grown back. DeFreita even decided to adopt her permanently. What a happy ending!

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