Puppy Dumped From Moving Car in A Bag, Finds Its Way Out And Got Cornered By Traffic

This story speaks about a poor dog, who was thrown by her own family in a bag! The 3-month-old dog, who was completely terrified, sat in a corner just off of the road as she was thrown from a car!

Unfortunately, the poor pup had no one on her side and nowhere to go, so, she just sat in the corner waiting for help. And that’s what happened when a rescuer from Mission Paws’ible called Prue saw the dog and decided to help her.

Prue managed to reach the dog despite the traffic. At first, the dog was completely afraid, but she then started bonding with Prue after getting some lasagna from Prue’s car. Prue, who already had many dogs at home, called one of her friends to take the dog in, as there was no opened clinic at that time.

Thankfully, they fostered the dog, who was named Ellie, until Prue found a forever home for her. The good news was that a woman called Maria stepped in to adopt Ellie. She now has a forever home with a great mama.

What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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