Puppy Drags Her Own Blanket Outside, To Help Warming Freezing Stray Dog

An adopted rescue pup has broken its parents’ hearts after being witnessed sharing a blanket with a lost dog on a cold morning.

Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiancé took the 8-month-old pup, Lana, after found her last year on Brazil’s streets. But the lucky pup, who is now enjoying a warm doghouse and regular meals, has not forgotten her origins. Suelen's fiancé spotted her doing something completely unusual on one morning when he went to his work.

The ‘kindhearted’ Lana had left her warm pink doghouse and dragged her warm blanket to share some of her fortune with a homeless hound.

Suelen said that what Lana did for her friend reminded me of a so important thing, which is generosity! She also reminded me of how we can make many changes in someone’s life. And the nice couple are now leaving out some food for Lana’s friend, and they are hoping to him to find a forever home. They also say that the dog was seen around their place many times, but he is too shy with humans. Watch the video below.

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