Puppy With A Big Injury Abandoned In A Cave With No Food Or Water, But Maggots

A call came to Kokkachi Shelter about a little pup, who had a wound around his belly, so the rescuers directly went to the scene to help the dog who had a cave as a shelter. When the dog saw the rescuers, he was very afraid as he went inside the cave to stay hidden.

Having nothing to catch him, the rescuers went back to the shelter to take everything they wanted like bags, milk, and clothes.

The rescuers then put a bowl of milk on the door of the cave and started waiting for the dog came out. It took a few hours, but finally the dog came outside. So, the rescuers were able to close the door of the cave using wooden blocks. They were then able to pick the pup up and to take him to a vet clinic at Calicut.

Sadly, they did not find an opening vet hospital as it was a holiday. They were eventually able to find a kind doctor called Dr Shihabudheen who treated the dog without taking any money.

Thankfully, the dog is now a part of Kokkachi Shelter and he is having a great time with his doggy friends and human friends there. He just needs to be adopted to complete his turn around in life. Watch the video below.

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