At Woman’s Filthy Unlicensed Dog "Rescue", Puppies Are Being Eaten Alive By Starving Dogs

An 18-year-old woman from Roy Utah called Destiny Collins has been accused of abusing rescue dogs. Animal Haven, Collins’ unlicensed “rescue”, has more than 10 dogs!

Melisa Meloney brought her dog, who failed a test to become a service dog to Collins, who gave her a very ill and skinny dog in return! Meloney says, after returning the dog back to Collins, that she never would have given up her dog to Collins, if she knew that her rescue home wasn’t a licensed rescue.

A former friend of Destiny called Belle Lewis, who alerted the police about her friend’s yard, claims that Collins’ yard is filled with pee and feces! She also adds that Destiny sent her messages on Facebook admitting that diseases caused many puppies to die, and another one was eaten by a starving pup!

Collins claims that her dogs are well-trained despite being not healthy! And she also says that Meloney’s dog is being used as a service animal by her boyfriend, and she is refusing to give him back to her! The police are now investigating the case, but no charge has been filed!

Watch the video below.

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