Devastated Pup Keeps Space On Bed Waiting For His Brother Who Passed Away

This story speaks about George, 15, and Harry, 9, 2 dogs, who were best friends. They did everything together from sleeping, playing to eating. Unfortunately, George died leaving Harry heartbroken as he did not understand what happened!

Caitlin Wyanne, a 17-year-old woman, the dogs’ owner, could not believe what she saw when she walked into her living room after George’s death! She saw that Harry left a spot for his furry friend on his pillow! After 1 year, he still does the same thing hoping that his brother will come one day to sleep next to him!

The owner took a photo of him and posted it on Twitter saying that she was heartbroken! She added that Harry does that every day as he still does not believe that his brother died.

Being with George when he was put down to sleep, Harry is still heartbroken after more than a year as his lovely brother died. How heartbroken!

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