Pregnant Pit Bull Found Chained To A Tree Had No Help While Giving Birth

In Greece, there are no laws or organizations that stop who abandon and neglect their pets, because they think that they don't deserve the same rights as humans.

In this story we are going to see Lara who is a brave mama pit bull. Lara was taken into the forest outside Nafplion, Greece by her former owner after discovering she was pregnant. She was tied to a tree and left to the elements with no food, water, or proper shelter. Although the villagers knew of her impasse, they didn’t do anything to save her.

Eventually and despite of her bad conditions, Lara gave birth for her pups and she struggled to keep them alive. Lara suffered from dehydration and malnourishment and she became scared and shocked after her ordeal. However, Lara and her babies were saved.

One of the pups died, although Lara was aware and the rescuer did their best. A woman named Linda, is fostering Lara and her little puppies and they are growing stronger each day. This issues of abuse and neglect animals should be taken seriously.

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