She Gives Birth On Sidewalk, Collapses When Help Arrives While Protecting Her Puppies

This story speaks about a cute dog, who was abandoned by her owner after getting pregnant! The owner put the dog in his car without giving her the care she needed or taking any responsibility, and drove miles away to a place where she was not able to return.

The dog, who was on the edge of death, did what she could to keep her pups safe as her worsened with days after living in the street with a big belly. Fortunately, she was helped by a Good Samaritan who put her in a cardboard box to be able to give birth in somehow a better situation. The brave mama gave birth in a cardboard box to six pups but unfortunately, 2 of them died directly.

However, she kept trying to keep her other pups fed and warm despite being very tired from fighting alone. Thankfully, one day a passerby saw the dogs and her pups and contacted a woman who lives near the area to help the animals. It was really hard to gain the mama's trust as she didn't let anyone to be close to her pups.

After many attempts, the dog calmed down and accepted the help of the rescuers as she finally knew that they wanted to help her and her pups. The rescuers directly took her and her puppies to a vet clinic where they received the medical attention they needed.

It was a crucial moment for the mama who was very weak but if she received the treatment, she would be able to recover. Furthermore, to determine if the puppies survived or not, they had to spend the next 2 days on observation. Thankfully all of them survived and each one of them gain weight by days.

On the other hand, the mama dog must follow a special diet as she was so tired from taking care of the puppies. The best thing was that the mama dog and her pups will be available for adoption soon. Watch the video below.

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