Pregnant Dog Enters Fire Station, Delivers Her Puppies And All Find Forever Home

Pregnancy is not something easy for any creature, whether it is human or animal. But what makes pregnancy more difficult is when you are stray!

This one pup went searching for medics and help as she had some complications. But there was something else besides the pups inside her belly! The dog, who later named Lady by the Apopka Fire Department, lay down outside the department after wandering up there.

The volunteers firstly thought that Lady was just seeking for a shelter, but they then noticed that she was pregnant! So, they immediately called the medics. She was about to give birth, but could Lady deliver healthy puppies in her bad condition?!

Because of her condition, the firefighting team were totally concerned. Surprisingly, Lady made it and delivered 8 pups, sadly one of them died, but the other seven were healthy. She was extremely underweight. They directly shared the dog’s story on social media. Thankfully, Lady is now a firedog as every firehouse needs a firedog.

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