Quick Action By Heroic Police Officers Save A Hanging Dog On A Car!

The moment he saw the miserable puppy, he realized what had already happened! A call for theft was made recently, but it led to a dog rescue on Friday in Arkansas City, Kansas.

It had been sergeant Jason Legleiter and officer Wade Hammond who skilled the decision at a wall mart. A salesman at the store told them they saw the dog hanging from the vehicle and needed an ambulance.

The local department said in a Facebook post that the dog essentially hung himself from the leash. Consistent with them, the dog hung motionless from the leash and seemed to be dead.

Sergeant Legleiter quickly demanded any action and quickly pulled out a knife and cut the clamp collar to free the dog.

The dog started showing more and more signs of life because the time passed and eventually it seemed to have fully recovered from this accident.

Watch the video below for more information!

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