Shameless Police Officer Hangs His K9 Mid-Air, Whips Him With Leash And Chokes Him

A cop in Hammond, Indiana is outraged in public after a video broadcast, he abused his trusted K9. The drug duo was called to a traffic stop to look for a drug truck.

This video was made by a family in the area when they discovered that the police officer had behaved poorly with his docile K9.

In this video, we see an unidentified policeman who grabs the K9 by the neck and waving through the air. The dog looks painful if he has trouble breathing on the shower head. The agent then continues to use the belt to strike the K9 continuously without showing pity. The animal lovers are sad and shocked by the cruel gesture of this officer.

After that many people apparently were made to criticize the department and ask for answers, a representative from the Hammond police showed that the policeman found that the dog was disciplined. Further investigations are ongoing. What do you think?!

Watch the video above to have more information.

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