Adorable Pit Bull Screams Like Humans When He Gets Happy

Have you ever seen a dog screaming like humans?! This Pit Bull, Mo, is the one; whose screams are just like a person! He was found a park by Kristin Allen, who brought him home with her.

She then took him to a nearby shelter to give his family a second chance in case he had owners. But she was so happy to know that she could adopt him a few days later!

Kristin said that when the dog screamed for the first time after seeing another dog, they were all shocked! It was the dog’s unique way of getting attention.

They then found out that the dog has many different sounds! She shared videos of Mo on Instagram, and they directly went viral! Mo’s become known as “Mo the Screaming Staffy”!

Watch the video below to see Mo screaming, and tell us your opinion.

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