Pit Bull Shot Several Times Still Positive To Humans Even After Leg Amputation

Dogs are known for their loyalty as they risk their lives to save their owners. Furthermore, they can’t hate their humans even if they do not love them. And that’s what happened with a pit bull called Kevin, who was shot several times before being abandoned by his owner!

But Kevin did not become angry, and he just wanted to know why he was abandoned! He tried to follow his human’s car despite being shot 6 times with a gunshot!

Manassas Park Police arrived on the scene later, but they firstly couldn’t find Kevin! So, they followed a blood trail into the wood in hopes to find him. Thankfully, they found him and took him to MedVet Northern Virginia to be treated for his injuries.

The police are still looking for the person, who shot Kevin, it is not sure that the shooter is his owner, but what is known is that Kevin knows the suspect as he tried to follow the car!

Thankfully, Kevin had a successful surgery to remove the bullets, but his back leg was amputated as it was in a very bad condition! He is now resting in the vet while healing. He is so brave as the vets expect him to have a complete recovery. They also expect that he will have a forever home soon.

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