Pinscher Dog Is Suspected Of Getting Pitbull Pregnant In Palmas

Kiara, a Pitbull, was taken to a vet clinic in Palmas, as her belly was swollen. Bruna Karoliny Matos, the dental surgeon and her family thought that the less than 2-year-old dog might be sick because of that but they were surprised as Kiara was pregnant!

The family could not believe this as their dog does not usually leave the house. The only dog she had contact with is a 3-year-old pinscher called Thor. They also make sure that no one entered the house by checking the security cameras.

They were told that Kiara is expected to have ten pups during this pregnancy, but they still believe that such a pregnancy is possible as Thor was so small. Bruna said that when the puppies are born, they will all be donated to friends and relatives. She also added that they do not intend to castrate the animals even with this fright. How hilarious! Watch the video below.

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