He Used To Find Abandoned Dogs At His Door, So He Sleeps With Them In Cold Weather

A rescuer from Vucjak Shelter, a Serbian shelter, has dedicated his life to save  dogs. Dejan, the rescuer, is known of that, so, people, who do not want their pet anymore, abandon them in a box at his shelter’s gate. But the truth is that is not the solution as Dejan does not have unlimited resources and funds, and we all know that the dogs need these things.

However, that does not stop Dejan from taking care of the dogs, and giving them all he can. So, when the temperatures in the night are close to -20, he cuddles up with all the dogs he has, which means hundreds of dogs! There is no doubt that this man has a really big heart! He will not stop until he finds forever homes for all of the dogs. How great! Watch the video below.

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