Caretakers Concerned Panda Will Reject It`s Baby Until Cameras Catch Mother`s Instincts Kick In

At one zoo, doctors have some concerns when Min Min, a mamma panda gave birth to a healthy baby, so, they took it from her to make it’d been born healthy. In general, pandas directly take their newborn babies under their care, but if they see that something is wrong with their baby, they’d reject it forever.

The baby panda was examined by the zoo staff and doctors, and was found that she was born happy and healthy. They then decided to record the moment, when they gave her back to Min Min.

Sadly, at first, Min Min was not reacting as any mother should be when her baby was introduced to her for the first time! It was obvious that she was not aware yet that the baby is hers!

Min Min was finally aware that the baby is hers and did a very emotional reaction! We are very lucky that such an emotional moment was caught on cameras. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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